The Joy of Cooking and Other Discoveries

The Joy of Cooking and Other Discoveries

So I’m three months into this post-daily journalist life and happened upon one of the biggest surprises yet.

I had no idea was even possible, but after tonight’s activities, I now realize it’s true: not only do I now know how to cook, but…I LIKE IT!

Ok, I love it. Well, given that I’m a commitment-phobe, it might be too soon to say I love it, but I tell you what, it makes me feel so, well, GREAT!

It’s amazing. I never had the patience or innate gift that apparently so many women are born with when it comes to cooking.

I have distinct memories of Mom teaching my younger sister and I how to cook. She’d pull us into different tasks “Boil this,” “Add salt to that” “Let it simmer for x minutes” blah, blah, blah.

My sister picked it up easily and was making meals before she graduated high school. Me on the other hand? Well, I was the one that always got shooed away for exasperating Mom with all of my technical questions. “So what exactly is a dash?” “How much is a teaspoon exactly?”

And while I considered them legit questions (Hey, I need recipes that are clear and concise. The exact measurement of a dash is way more beneficial to me than just assuming my dash and your dash equal the same dash!) I have to be honest, about 50 percent of the time I bombarded her with those questions, I was doing it intentionally to get out of the kitchen. I was just not the domestic type.

I’m still not, really, but I’m really trying to take care of myself better since I’m in my *clears throat* thirty-something *crumbling paper” and want to keep looking 20-something or lose 20-something – tomato, ‘tomahto’ – I’m all about eating healthier and laying off of the fast food diet.

I mean, honestly, i get sick of eating that stuff after awhile anyway and my body is starting not to appreciate it so much either.

So, I reward it with new dishes I’ve experimented on and thank God it’s usually edible. I even introduced a new snack recipe to the family – homemade granola – that everyone seems to be loving. That’s right ME! Chef-Girl-R-Dee! (As my sister now calls me.)

Even on those tough days, when I don’t feel so upbeat and happy, I now finding myself using the kitchen as a stress relief. Maybe it’s the feeling of accomplishment that gets me so high off of it. I don’t know. But I’m liking this self-discovery and I’m going to keep at it until I’m good enough to compete in the big leagues – the family holiday meals!


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