Google doodle makes Valentine’s Day just right

Google doodle makes Valentine’s Day just right

OK, when you’re perpetually single like I am, holidays like Valentine’s Day obviously have no meaning whatsoever.

Now don’t cry for me. I’m not one of those types that walk around in mourning or use the holiday as a time to release pent-up feelings of bitterness or sadness or anything like that. (Ok, there was that one time in college, but that’s totally irrelevant!)

I’m just indifferent to the holiday altogether. It’s like, you know when you’re filling out an application or medical form or whatever and it gets to the part about “past diseases” or “criminal history” and you put “N/A” and just move on to the next part? Yeah, that’s me and Valentine’s Day.

So when I saw today’s Google doodle, I initially thought it was just another corny ode to the holiday and went on about my business, but then I scrolled my mouse over the candy hearts and realized it was one of those interactive Google doodles and I squealed with glee! I can never resist the interactive Google doodles. (That Pacman Google doodle is still one of my all-time favorites. Hey, simple pleasures, people!)

Just like that, I clicked on the first candy heart and fell in love. And it’s no wonder I did – each candy heart includes real-life audio stories compiled from one of my favorite NPR programs, This American Life. Even better, each love story matches whatever theme is displayed on the candy heart with illustrations and everything.

Now trust me, these aren’t those sappy, cheesy, super-lengthy, awkward declarations of undying love, adoration and devotion that you can find any day in a typical greeting card or your Facebook newsfeed. Each of these stories are short, sweet but not saccharine, entertaining and told in that refreshingly authentic, This American Life-way that anyone can relate to, regardless of your relationship status.

So whether you love Valentine’s Day, hate the holiday with every fiber of your being or you’re like me and just give a Kanye shrug to it all, you deserve to take a moment to treat yourself to these heart-warming stories  and let me know which ones made you smile. So far, my faves are “Crush,” “Puppy Love” and “Blind Date.”

By the way, if you’re a Google doodle nerd like myself, you’ll really enjoy this Time video about the making of today’s doodle:


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  1. Donecia, I’m also a google doodle nerd and an even bigger “This American Life” nerd! I was delighted when I noticed it today, too.

  2. Thanks Raechal!!!! Wasn’t it wonderful??

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