When Facebook Went Down… Again

When Facebook Went Down… Again

Yeah, I admit it – when I hit that “refresh” on my Facebook page yesterday and kept getting redirected to an error page, I got agitated with each and every try.

The first three refreshes were on my work desktop Chrome browser. Me: “Hmmm.”

The next three ¬†were on the Internet Explorer browser I rarely use. Me: “Hmph.”

Then several more tries on my iPad, iPhone and Macbook. (Yes, I’m that ridiculous with my Apple gadgets. Yes, I’m surrounded by all of these devices, in addition to the two-screen desktop/workstation/laptop combo situation provided the job. Don’t judge me!)

That’s when I hit that point of frustration where there’s nothing left to do but surrender and declare a big ol’ “WELP, clearly I’m done!”

Anyway, while I wasn’t one of the said millions gripped by sheer panic when Facebook went down for 30 minutes yesterday, I did enjoy watching it play out on Twitter. So, I wrote about it and compiled some of the funniest #facebookdown memes on K945.com, one of the radio brand sites I manage on the day job. Hope you enjoy!




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